Super energy ion medium anti-counterfeiting specia

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The development of super energy ion medium anti-counterfeiting special paper was successful.

Beijing Super Energy Heavy Ion Technology Co., Ltd. relies on the nuclear materials specially controlled by the state, but it has more strict specifications and inspection standards. The equipment is a large heavy ion accelerator.

the fourth generation anti-counterfeiting product, super energy ion medium anti-counterfeiting special paper, which integrates ion microporous technology and papermaking process, was successfully developed

the successful development of this special paper has a payback period of 3.8 years, which not only solves the problem of developing anti-counterfeiting, but also opens up a convenient door for the anti-counterfeiting of other tickets. The product has low cost, and the hydraulic pump adopts source control for the variable situation axial piston pump. The feasibility and operability of anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting are very strong, so it has a broad application space

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