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Henan University of science and technology published a monograph on packaging design "innovative packaging design and application under the concept of green and low carbon"

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core tips: [China Packaging News] before high molecular polymers have the mechanical properties with the widest range of variability among all known materials, The packaging design monograph "innovative packaging design under green and low carbon concept and

[China Packaging News] a few days ago, the packaging design monograph" innovative packaging design and application under green and low carbon concept "written by weifengjun, the packaging Engineering Department of the school of art and design of Henan University of science and technology was officially published by the metallurgical industry press, A total of 222000 words

it is reported that with the rise of global low-carbon revolution and the continuous warming of low-carbon economy, low-carbon green packaging design, as a new design concept, is not only an effective way to solve packaging and environmental problems, but also an effective countermeasure to control packaging waste pollution and white garbage. It is in this context that low-carbon green packaging design has gradually become a new hot spot in the development of the packaging industry

this monograph systematically analyzes innovative packaging design and application under the concept of green and low carbon. The whole book is divided into seven chapters, covering the connotation and sustainable development of graphene material design, the historical evolution and development trend of packaging design, the analysis of characteristics and laws of green packaging design, and packaging design The basic program and strategy analysis of measuring displacement meter between two jaws with photoelectric encoder, innovative packaging design and material positioning under the concept of low carbon, life cycle and evaluation standard of green packaging, application and practice of various innovative packaging designs, etc

this book is the author's systematic review of innovative packaging design in the past decade, and is a systematic reflection on packaging design innovation under the situation of low carbon and environmental protection. The author believes that, based on the strategic idea of sustainable development, packaging has gradually expanded from commodity carrying, protection, transportation and storage to the whole process of design, production, circulation, consumption and waste resource regeneration. At the same time, in the face of the changes of new design objects, packaging design must have new design strategies and methods to adapt to them, not only to meet the needs of functions, visual aesthetic effects and market purchasing power, but also to consider environmental factors


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