SUPCON participated in the 8th China International

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SUPCON's participation in the 8th China international environmental protection exhibition attracted wide attention. From April 27 to 29, SUPCON participated in the 8th China International Environmental Protection Exhibition held in Shanghai. Founded in 1999, the exhibition has become the most influential, largest and most attended brand exhibition of environmental protection industry in China. Once displayed, SUPCON products have been favored by users with its advanced technology, reasonable price, good quality and perfect service. Many users showed great interest in WNC wireless measurement and control terminal, esp IEIS central control software environmental protection monitoring system and ESP ISYS real-time data, and reached cooperation intentions with SUPCON on their current projects. Many environmental protection and automation companies hope to become agents of SUPCON environmental protection and wireless measurement and control products

supcon provides a simple and reliable industrial Ethernet data integration solution for all commodities in a wide range of industries and stores. EIC series industrial Ethernet controllers and WNC wireless measurement and control terminals can access analog and digital quantities at the same time, and can expand the field data collection capacity through Modbus protocol, Through the efficient and reliable Ethernet port transmission protocol, it is directly connected to the Ethernet through the machine for effective exchange and connection, and supports the mixed transmission of data and images. The upper end provides a unified OPC server, which directly supports the real-time database and SCADA software, so that the enterprise can simplify the deployment and implementation of the control network with industrial Ethernet as the core

through this exhibition, SUPCON's impact not only further enhanced its influence in the environmental protection industry and demonstrated its strong industrial strength, but also promoted its further development in the environmental protection industry to a certain extent

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