New year's Day storm in the United States and Aust

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From December 24 to January 8, the US Australian wardrobe will hold a discount event of "1 yuan second kill shocks the storm and high explodes the whole city"

with five thousand years of Chinese culture, the concept of home has long been rooted in people's hearts. Home is not just a house, but more importantly, there are our close relatives and loved ones. When it comes to home, everyone can't help but raise the corners of their mouths, revealing the most beautiful radian. For us, new year's Day is not just a holiday, a trip, or a big meal. More importantly, it represents reunion, family and a kind of deep humanistic care

on the occasion of the arrival of new year's day, high-end customized products and personal services "comfortable experience and humanistic care", Meiao wardrobe adheres to the ultimate humanistic care concept, and is committed to creating a top-grade space for consumers to comfortably experience home wardrobe. Meiao wardrobe was settled in China in 2002, becoming one of the top ten brands of China's customized overall series. This is the world's affirmation of the humanistic furniture concept that American and Australian wardrobes have adhered to for many years, and it also means that we hope to bring this humanistic care to people all over the world

★ activity content: (all merchandise discounts and exquisite gifts)

1. Startling step by step, attractive discounts

2 Home gifts

3 Buy 1 yuan every day: the headquarters specially approves the classic sliding door

if the purchase amount of products is over 8800 yuan, you can buy the designated sliding door at the price of 1 yuan/square meter

4. Upgrade the wardrobe for free

5. Buy a wardrobe and send drawers

activity time: December 24 - January 8 It is understood that the theme of this activity is "1 yuan second kill shocks the storm, high explodes the whole city". The scope is wide, and American and Australian wardrobes are almost all over the country. More popular items, non-stop discounts and constant surprises. American and Australian wardrobe welcome consumers all over the country to enter the store for consultation and purchase. What are you waiting for? Hurry to kill





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