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On May 2, the State Council issued a relevant notice, agreeing to establish May 10 as the "Chinese brand day" every year from 2017. With the continuous expansion of the middle class and the upgrading of consumption structure, consumers pay more attention to quality and brand consumption. In the wardrobe industry, wardrobe enterprises with brand influence are often more able to attract consumers, and where does brand influence come from? In the author's opinion, the key to improving brand influence is to strengthen brand awareness and brand construction. Therefore, the establishment of "China brand day" is of far-reaching significance to the wardrobe industry and even the home furnishing industry. The wardrobe should have brand awareness and brand construction, and the whole house custom furniture should join dewell

Coca Cola boss once said that if Coca Cola factories around the world were burned down one day, as long as there was Coca Cola brand, I could rebuild a Coca Cola empire. Resources will dry up one day, and only culture will continue to grow. Similarly, for wardrobe enterprises, it is "only brands live forever"

increasing brand investment is a problem that wardrobe enterprises should ponder at present.

the concept of "brand" of wardrobe was put forward a long time ago, but few wardrobe enterprises in the industry can really do a good job in brand building. Most enterprises hope to occupy the market quickly through some kind of marketing means, and the result is often a beginning without an end

for a long time, wardrobe enterprises did not pay enough attention to brand building and missed a good brand building period. Brand building is a continuous and long period, but the effect it brings is also amazing, just like the growth of bamboo in the first three years, only 3cm long, from the fourth year, it will grow madly at the rate of 30cm a day. Unfortunately, many enterprises can hardly survive the painful "three centimeter" growth period

a senior person in the industry said that now the quality assurance of wardrobe products is no longer a problem, and brand construction is the top priority. Consumers update quickly, and the brand forgetfulness is high. How to continue to increase brand investment and do a good job in brand construction is a problem that wardrobe enterprises should ponder at present

wardrobe brand influence is the extension of quality and service

if the quality is excellent, the brand popularity is stronger. For wardrobe enterprises, strengthening quality management and improving product quality is a long-standing problem. Only when the product quality is well done, can we talk about other things. The instability of quality directly leads to the decline of product sales. The wardrobe industry has developed from consumers who once made their own wardrobe to the current market, and gradually to buy a good wardrobe. Quality is the eternal topic of consumer demand. Whoever controls the quality of products can grasp the mainstream consumer market in the future

if the service is excellent, the brand reputation will be wider. Although most wardrobe brands are aware of the importance of service at present, few brands can really satisfy customers before, during and after sales. The real high-quality service requires both inside and outside the enterprise, which is quite a test of the true ability of the brand. Internally, enterprise employees are required to strengthen the training of service skill concept, pay attention to the study of business skills, work hard to improve their internal skills and improve their quality service ability. Externally, we should constantly update the service content, focus on the big picture, start from the small, improve the service from the service details, let the perfect service deeply grasp the heart of customer service, and build an excellent wardrobe corporate image

in general, the establishment of China brand day will enhance the attention of wardrobe enterprises to brand awareness and brand building. From the perspective of long-term development of enterprises, to achieve the brand status of front-line wardrobe or become an internationally renowned wardrobe enterprise, the establishment of wardrobe brand awareness and brand construction and maintenance are essential

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