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Before and after October 8 (October 8 ~ 9) every year, when the sun moves to 195 degrees of the Yellow longitude, it is the cold dew of the twenty-four solar terms

"cold dew" means that the temperature in this period is lower than that in "White Dew", and the dew on the ground is colder and is about to condense into frost. If the "White Dew" solar term marks the transition from hot to cool, the summer heat has not completely disappeared, and dew drops can be seen glittering in the morning. Then the "cold dew" solar term is a symbol of the cooler weather, marking the transition from cool to cold

from October 9,

another big cold air

is gathering on the Mongolian Plateau

trying to sweep south across China

affected by this cold air and the southern branch trough

there will be an obvious cooling and wet and cool weather in the South

at that time,

Fuzhou, Nanning and even northern Guangzhou

may reach the critical point of autumn

I autumn is getting thicker in most parts of the country

autumn is getting thicker, as the saying goes, After eating cold dew rice, a man in single clothes is rare. Here, monteau sincerely reminds all families: the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, pay attention to keeping warm, and don't forget to add clothes when you go out! Monteo will accompany you through every spring, summer, autumn and winter

monteo will, as always, forge ahead and keep improving to create brilliance with you




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