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At present, which brand is good for whole wood customization in the market? Among them, Royal top grade has become a well-known Flag brand

at present, the whole wood customization industry has become a key entrepreneurial field that many building materials investors pay attention to. Whether you are engaged in single product projects such as wooden doors and wardrobes, or other building materials projects such as sanitary ware and ceramic tiles, the whole wood customization as an industry trend must be a gold mining field that all investors cannot miss. As for the whole wood customization investment mode, joining is the most appropriate. At present, which brand is good for whole wood customization in the market? Among them, Royal top grade has become a well-known Flag brand. The brand advantages of Royal top grade are mainly reflected in the following points:

1. Design stage

before home decoration, the overall design of Royal top grade whole wood customization should be simple and practical, and it is possible to use less or no man-made boards, such as Orson board, density board, particleboard and other low-end boards with very high formaldehyde content. At the same time, it is also necessary to reduce the carving and lines of such boards as base materials. At the same time, when designing, the designer of Royal top-grade whole wood customization also needs to consider the indoor air circulation, because the current paint is very strictly controlled by the state in terms of environmental protection. Generally, after a period of ventilation and volatilization, its specific formaldehyde content will be reduced to below the national standard, so as to get a degree of no pollution. If the designer does not consider the ventilation problem when designing the overall home, resulting in poor ventilation, which is not conducive to the volatile emission of harmful substances

2. Material selection stage

this stage is the core link to ensure the home environment. In the specific selection process of home decoration, we must try to choose materials with strong environmental protection. For example, choosing multi-layer solid wood instead of glue and adhesive with high formaldehyde content, and not choosing particleboard and decorative panel with large pollution in the aspect of board can reduce pollution. Paint and paint are indispensable materials for the painting of walls and wood products. Informal brands and paint brands with high formaldehyde and benzene content should be abandoned in the selection process. If environmental friendly water-based paint or paint is selected, the generation of various pollution sources can be greatly reduced. When selecting materials, we need to pay attention to whether there are environmental protection standards, and we need to personally verify the environmental protection test report of the product, whether it has passed the inspection of national professional institutions, and at the same time, choose the paint brand with high popularity in the market. Obviously, the environmental protection performance can be greatly improved

Royal top-grade whole wood customization is very strict in the screening of raw materials and various auxiliary materials at this important stage of material selection:

1). Imported New Zealand pine

preferred New Zealand imported pine and Millennium boat E0 multi-layer board, refused to contain formaldehyde density board, truly formaldehyde free, really environmental protection, and create a green and safe home for you

2). The first-line super grade environmental protection glue

adopts the international top shark super grade glue, which is safe and environmental protection, and the splicing strength is higher than that of similar products in the market

3). The comprehensive environmental protection main material paint

fully adopts the international first-line brand China Resources paint, which is safe and environmental protection, pollution-free

3. Construction technology

Royal top-grade whole wood customization selects the construction technology of non-toxic, less toxic, no pollution and less pollution during construction and installation. At present, many processes are still at a very low level, such as viscose and painting, which are easy to cause pollution; Now, 107 glue is often used when painting the wall, but 107 glue contains a large amount of formaldehyde, which has been listed as obsolete building materials by the Ministry of construction and is forbidden to be used. In addition, the nonstandard construction technology also greatly increases indoor pollution. Therefore, a formal decoration company should be selected for construction to ensure that the construction process is green and safe

4. Strict detection and control mechanism

even if it is again a strict environmental protection standard mechanism, if the monitoring and detection are not implemented in place, it will eventually be a piece of empty talk. For this reason, Royal top-grade whole wood customization has set up a very strict control and testing mechanism at all stages of production to supervise the environmental protection of products throughout the process. Ensure that any product out of the factory is environmentally safe





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