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Nanping power supply company: dressing up the industrial park under the cable Stefan Kutta, global director of the transportation department of Celanese, Nanping, said that the power supply company: dressing up the industrial park under the cable

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Yibin, Sichuan on January 21 this year (dingxiuwen and yangyiwei) "Hey, hey... Let's work harder! "On January 19, there was a busy scene in Nanxi Yangtze River Industrial Park to promote the in-depth integration of graphene production, learning and research. The employees of guoyibin Nanping power supply company were busy carrying out underground construction of cables.

earlier, the wires in the industrial park were crisscross and dense like" spiders ", which not only affected the environment of the park, but also had great potential safety hazards. In this regard, Nanping power supply company actively deployed and carefully arranged, established a working group, formulated a construction scheme, organized lean construction forces, and made clear the division of labor and time nodes. Actively contact relevant departments, coordinate and communicate with the Park Management Committee for many times, and participate in the whole process of planning, design, construction and acceptance

it is reported that from the beginning to the end of the cable laying project in the Yangtze River Industrial Park, it is expected to build and dredge 9 kilometers of high voltage and short voltage cable channels, lay 10 kilometers of cables, dredge and tidy 65 cable wells, and build 12 ring cabinets. During the construction, the construction personnel of Nanping company overcame the adverse factors such as cold, fog and haze, adjusted the power operation mode, and adopted the methods of load cutover, load transfer, mutual supply and mutual belt to shorten the power outage time. At the same time, the construction period was rushed to ensure the smooth progress of the project, so that the settled enterprises could use electricity safely and put into operation as soon as possible

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