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NatureWorks of the United States is the earliest and largest manufacturer and active advocate of biodegradable plastics in the world. After more than ten years of efforts, the concept of biodegradable plastics has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. At the same time, with the progress of technology, the commercial application of biodegradable plastics polylactic acid (PLA) is becoming more and more extensive. Many countries are full of expectations for the prospect of biodegradable plastics. Under this situation, nachwork has put forward an exciting new goal to realize a new and complete recycling solution for PLA from raw materials to products and then to raw materials

Peter C. Clydesdale, global business operation director of nachwork company, first showed a yogurt cup to. He is beneficial to the maintenance and service life of the compactor. He said: "this yogurt cup was just launched by Danone in April this year. At present, 80% of Danone Activia yogurt packaging in the German market has been replaced by Ingeo bioplastics. Danone's yogurt cup is just a representative of Ingeo products. Our partners have created hundreds of products with Ingeo, from plastic cups to iPhone shells."

peterclitsdale proudly said: "Due to the breakthrough in the commercialized application of the market, the sales volume of Ingeo bioplastics has increased year by year in the past five to six years, with an average increase of 30%. Last year, the production capacity in the United States doubled, from 70000 tons to 140000 tons. With the expansion of the scale, the scale benefits have gradually emerged, and the production costs are more competitive. We are preparing to build a second factory, and consider ⑥ the research and utilization of processing aids in Asia. ”

it is noted that Danone's Activia yoghurt cup is no different from ordinary polystyrene (PS) yoghurt cup in appearance and touch, but a set of environmental benefit data provided by peterclitsdale makes people look at this new yoghurt packaging with new eyes: only in Germany, Danone produces yoghurt cups with PLA instead of PS, the oil energy saved in a year is equivalent to the power consumption of 13000 ordinary German families in a month, The reduced greenhouse gas emissions are equivalent to the carbon dioxide emissions of a car traveling 19million kilometers

Peter Clydesdale further explained that the reason why Danone chose Ingeo bioplastics as the packaging material for Activia yoghurt is that it can not only meet the basic functions of yoghurt packaging such as strength and barrier, but also reduce the consumption by about 10% compared with the previous PS. more importantly, it can reduce the carbon footprint by 25% and reduce the use of 43% fossil energy, meeting the requirements of environmental protection

petercleizdale said: "Last year, we intensified the research and development of new products and new fields, and successfully developed a new 3801x injection molding model for electronic products. The 3801x can withstand 125 ℃ high temperature, further improve the impact resistance, shorten the molding cycle, improve the production efficiency, and reduce the cost. In addition, we also successfully developed a new brand for non-woven fabrics, and developed lactide, which can be used as a blending agent for PLA, PHA and Pb S and other blending modification provide solutions to further expand the application field. "

when it comes to innovation, Petercleizdale said: "for nachwork, the significance of innovation includes two layers. One is to develop more diversified raw materials. At present, we use corn starch as raw materials. 10 years later, we hope to use plant cellulose, such as straw, straw and crop waste. Another meaning of innovation is to build 5. If the control system of the tension machine is dial reading (that is, the type whose value passes through one dial degree is called dial) Then it's more troublesome to change the oil; Establish a complete new industrial chain of recycling and reuse. Waste is not only degradable, but also a new recycling mode of PLA from raw materials to products to raw materials. Achieving zero waste discharge will be our new goal. "

since disposable beverage cups and food packaging are difficult to collect, it is still difficult to achieve complete recycling. "Therefore, we put forward a new goal. Using the degradability of PLA, we collect all the waste packaging materials, hydrolyze them into raw lactic acid, and then synthesize them. Such a closed cycle can make the goal of 'zero waste' a reality. Compared with traditional petroleum based plastics, this cycle is more thorough."

Peter klezdale told that nachwork is actively cooperating with major brand companies, retailers and relevant organizations to develop and implement a complete set of waste treatment schemes to ensure that the impact of their products on the environment from the use of raw materials to the recycling of waste is minimized

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