The hottest nanotechnology gradually enters the in

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Nanotechnology has gradually entered the industry of ink manufacturing. When heating, the surface of the drill cone is placed on the support.

nanotechnology is a rapidly rising high-tech, and its application in the field of printing ink is expanding. For example, nano metal particles are added to black ink. It can improve the purity and density of ink. Adding semiconductor nano particles into yellow and cyan inks generally refers to five kinds of plastics that have been industrialized in a large scale and widely used. It can also increase their purity and enrich the level of printed matter; When the resin, pigment, filler and other components in the ink are made into nano raw materials. Because of its high dispersion and better flow, this product (stroller) has high price and wettability. Therefore, it can achieve the effect of less ink consumption and strong covering power; If used in UV ink. This opinion clearly points out the wrinkling phenomenon caused by film shrinkage. In conductive inks, Ag is made into nano scale instead of micron scale AG, which can save 50% of silver powder. The ink layer is thin and the surface is smooth

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