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The National Conference on chemical science and technology was held in Beijing in October. The National Conference on chemical science and technology was held in Beijing in October. Metal oxide flame retardants were mainly used to add inorganic elements with intrinsic flame retardancy to the base materials to be flame retardant in the form of simple substances or compounds. September 30, 2005

as a precursor to the development of the chemical industry, China's chemical science and technology made rapid progress during the Tenth Five Year Plan period. In the major projects of scientific and technological research, independent innovation Significant progress has been made in the digestion, absorption and innovation of introduced technologies and the promotion and application of scientific and technological achievements. On October 19, the upcoming National Conference on chemical science and technology will review this. 170 of the equipment include a set of e-system 5 enhanced resin raw material metering equipment, national outstanding chemical science and technology workers, 130 which is the first material certified by HP multi jet financing platform, and a number of award-winning projects of China Petroleum and chemical industry science and technology awards Representatives from 15 demonstration enterprises of technological innovation in the chemical industry will also be ceremoniously commended at the Great Hall of the people

during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, a number of breakthroughs in industry commonalities and key technologies have improved the overall technical level of the chemical industry. Solid superacid photocatalysis technology is at the leading level in the world; More than 580 sets of pressure swing adsorption separation technology have been built at home and abroad; The reaction controlled phase transfer catalytic oxidation of propylene to propylene oxide has brought great changes to the traditional production of propylene oxide. The emphasis on original technology has made a number of recent achievements with independent intellectual property rights stand out, breaking the monopoly of foreign countries in these fields. Flumorpholine, a highly effective fungicide, is the first pesticide variety that has truly realized industrialization and independent innovation in China; Preparation of D-pantothenic acid lactone by microbial enzymatic resolution and its application in the production of D-pantothenic acid calcium and d-pantothenol technology is the first time in the world to produce d-pantothenol from D-pantothenic acid lactone prepared by biological resolution; The successful development of methanol to light olefins (MTO) pilot technology is the first new coal chemical route for producing low olefins from non petroleum resources in China. At the same time, the 800000t/a purified terephthalic acid (PTA) technology package has broken the technological monopoly of large foreign companies in the field of polyester raw materials, and a number of high and new technologies have been successfully industrialized

according to the introduction of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, the organizer of the conference, in addition to the commendation, the conference will also issue the outline for scientific and technological development of the chemical industry during the 11th Five Year Plan period, and invite relevant national departments to introduce the national medium and long-term scientific and technological development strategy and the macro deployment of national technological innovation during the 11th Five Year Plan period; Representatives of units with outstanding technological innovation will also be invited to introduce their experience in refueling and gas elimination

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