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On October 15, 2014, the 7th China (Shanghai) International Fluid Machinery Exhibition (IFME) was grandly opened in the Shanghai WorldExpo exhibition hall. The high-tech energy-saving products of Liugong (Liuzhou) Compressor Co., Ltd. have become one of the most dazzling products in the whole exhibition. As an old key compressor enterprise with a deep foundation, this is a wonderful appearance after Liugong group restructured it. What changes have taken place in Liugong (Liuzhou) compressor over the past year? What are the future plans? Zhengjin, executive vice president of Liugong group and chairman of Liugong (Liuzhou) Compressor Co., Ltd., was interviewed at the fluid exhibition

: Liuzhou compressor general plant has a history of more than 50 years. It was once a benchmark enterprise in the industry, but its development in recent years is not satisfactory. After the restructuring and reorganization a year ago, it was changed to Liugong (Liuzhou) Compressor Co., Ltd. what advantages did Liugong group attach importance to when it joined

ZHENG Jin: Liugong group and Liuzhou Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. jointly invested in the reorganization and establishment of Liugong (Liuzhou) Compressor Co., Ltd. on the basis of Liuzhou compressor General Factory [referred to as "Liukong"] in August, 2013. Liugong group mainly focuses on the historical accumulation and heritage of Liuzhou compressor. Founded in 1958 in the same year as Liugong, Liukong is one of the old key enterprises in Liuzhou electromechanical system and one of the key backbone enterprises in the domestic compressor industry. The product has won a number of national patents, and has won many national and ministerial excellent Awards: 100 cubic meters of air compressor has won the national excellent new product award for technological innovation, 9 cubic meters of compressor has won the national silver medal for quality, and 22 cubic meters of compressor has won the ministerial excellent product award. He was very brilliant in the 1990s and made great contributions to China's economic construction and social development. We should all remember his brilliance and contributions

Interview with Zhengjin, executive vice president of Liugong group and chairman of Liugong (Liuzhou) Compressor Co., Ltd.

China has gone through 30 years of reform and opening up, and the waves in the market are merciless. Many enterprises have been swept away. For various reasons, Liugong is also gradually declining in the fierce market competition, but no doubt, It is still an enterprise with rich heritage: in 1995, it was the first enterprise in the industry to pass the ISO9001 quality system certification, and has established an autonomous region level technology development center. It has won the honorary title of "honoring contracts and keeping promises" in Guangxi for 20 consecutive years. The "Huanyu" brand is a well-known brand in the domestic compressor industry. The enterprise has been qualified to independently develop, design and manufacture all kinds of gas compressors and pressure vessels, The annual output of large and medium-sized compressors can reach more than 1000 sets

therefore, the joining of Liugong group will be a strong combination of the two national brands, and Liugong compressor will certainly shine again

? What is the significance for the development of Liugong group

ZHENG Jin: Liugong group's vision is to become a respected world-class enterprise in the equipment manufacturing industry. At present, the core industry is construction machinery. We believe that compression machinery also belongs to the equipment industry. Therefore, Liugong group's entry into the compressor field is consistent with its strategy. At the same time, the compressor has a wide range of uses, which can be said to be used everywhere. Especially, China is in the period of economic development. The compressor market has a broad prospect, and the compressor industry is promising.. As one of the traditional advantageous industries in Liuzhou, the industry's representative enterprise, Liuzhou compressor General Factory, has maintained good basic production conditions and production qualifications in recent years, although it has been "weak", and still has a certain popularity and brand effect in the industry. Liuzhou Industrial investment company introduces strategic investors through the investment and financing platform, introduces Liugong group and its joint investment to restructure Liuzhou compressor plant, which is a good choice to revitalize the stock of state-owned assets and revitalize Liuzhou industrial industry. It also marks another important step for Liugong group to achieve diversified development


in order to revitalize the compressor industry in Liuzhou, Liugong group took the initiative to undertake the important task, conducted full research on the compressor industry, specially hired experts from China General Machinery Association to analyze and evaluate the development of the compressor industry, and organized a professional team to enter Liukong, formulating a grand strategic plan for the development of Liukong. With the implementation of the strategic plan, Liugong group will give full play to its advantages in technology, management, brand and sales channels accumulated in the equipment industry, revitalize Liuzhou compressor industry and reproduce the glory of Liuzhou compressor industry

: the joining of Liugong means the combination of general machinery, engineering machinery and industrial vehicles. What future development advantages and opportunities will this combination bring to Liugong compressor

ZHENG Jin: Liugong group is a wholly state-owned enterprise established by the authorized operation mode of state-owned assets. It is one of the first 300 state-owned large enterprise groups with key links of the state. It is a leading enterprise in the construction machinery cluster industry that Guangxi has focused on cultivating and developing during the "Eleventh Five Year plan". The core enterprise Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd. was restructured and listed in 1993. It is the first listed company in the industry and Guangxi. Liugong has successively won honors such as China's top 500 enterprises and the world's top 50 engineering machinery enterprises (ranking 18th). At present, the total assets are more than 30billion yuan

from the perspective of marketing concept, channel itself is the concept of channel, that is, the channel from the enterprise to the consumers. This channel can be either a traditional channel or an emerging channel, but no matter which one, a fundamental problem must be solved, that is, the problem of channel efficiency

with decades of efforts, Liugong has built the most competitive global marketing and service parts network in the industry. There are more than 130 powerful first-class distribution networks and more than 900 distribution service points in China, and more than 140 distributors abroad distribute Liugong's products to more than 100 countries. The market users of some products in Liugong's marketing network are consistent with those of compressors, such as shovel transport machinery There is a high degree of overlap between the customer base of piling machinery and that of mobile compressors, forklifts and fixed compressors, which brings great opportunities for the sales of Liugong compressor products and opens more diversified channels

the joining of Liugong group not only provides stronger support for Liugong compressor in terms of capital and management, but also undoubtedly opens a smoother channel in the marketing of Liugong compressor, which will certainly accelerate the development of Liugong compressor

: what are the changes different from the past since Liugong (Liuzhou) Compressor Co., Ltd. was listed for more than one year? Management concept, product, technology, sales and service

ZHENG Jin: since the restructuring and reorganization of Liukong for more than a year, Liugong group has attached great importance to the development of Liugong compressor company. First, the group sent an elite management team to Liukong's original team, and then prepared and implemented an integration plan with Liugong's culture and management concept as the core. Since Liu Kong had excellent traditional culture and style, GBS (6) 0b digital display automatic cupping tester was supported by the staff. Therefore, there were few difficulties in closing the special friction coefficient tester in the film melting industry, and the integration work was relatively smooth. Compared with the past, the internal management of Liugong compressor company has been greatly improved, and it has made great progress in corporate governance, operation efficiency, technology and product innovation, marketing services, cultural construction and employee confidence

standardized management and improved efficiency. In 1995, Liu Kong, as the first company in the industry, passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, with a good management foundation. The introduction of strategic investors through restructuring has provided a more powerful guarantee for the standardized operation and healthy development of the company. At the same time, through the introduction of Liugong's R & D, manufacturing and marketing process management methods, the operation management system was improved, which made the whole value chain management more scientific and standardized, and significantly improved the company's operation efficiency

scientific research and development, independent innovation. Technology research and development and independent innovation have been the tenet of liuya for decades. Liuya has a provincial technology development center, a piston compressor and screw compressor technology development center, and is qualified to independently design and manufacture all kinds of gas compressors and pressure vessels. Its main products include nearly 200 kinds of air compressors, gas compressors, natural gas compressors, and other medium compressors, The products are widely used in the development and utilization of petroleum and natural gas, as well as the development and utilization of mineral resources such as transportation, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, coal chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, non-ferrous metals, energy conservation and environmental protection, coal, etc. in various fields of the national economy and urban infrastructure construction. The company is the first enterprise in the industry to pass ISO9001 certification. Its products have won 3 national patents from a number of national quality inspection centers and laboratories, and have won many national and ministerial Excellence Awards: 100 cubic meters of air compressors won the national outstanding new product award for technological innovation, 9 cubic meters of compressors won the national silver medal for quality, and 22 cubic meters of compressors won the ministerial product award. At present, the products have been exported to 21 countries and regions in Asia, Africa and Latin America

the piston machine, the guided moving screw machine obtained from the test bench and the fixed screw machine in this exhibition are all technological innovation products, energy-saving and environmental protection products. Compared with the previous products, it has higher technological content, more energy-saving and environmental protection

fixed screw machine cs22a-p

channel layout and rapid response. In order to meet the market demand and achieve rapid recovery and growth, the company actively adjusts the product structure and vigorously develops screw compressor products. According to the market sales characteristics of piston machines and screw machines, Liugong compressor company has gradually shifted from a single direct sales mode to paying equal attention to distribution and direct sales. While developing the original marketing channels, relying on the perfect global marketing network of Liugong group, the layout of the company's marketing channels will be quickly realized to meet the rapid response needs of customers

: what do you think will be the competition in the compressor market in the future? What are the plans of Liugong compressor

ZHENG Jin: due to the huge market in China, over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, foreign brands of compressors have entered the Chinese market one after another. Coupled with the gradual rise of domestic compressor brands, the number of compressor enterprises is increasing, and the competition is very fierce. However, at any time, high-end technology, high reliable quality and high-quality after-sales service of products will be the most basic core competitiveness of enterprises. However, with the changing needs of customers in the market, the future competition in the compressor market will turn to the competition in system solutions. The system solutions include not only products, but also financial leasing, as well as remanufacturing services in the product life cycle, so as to comprehensively help customers create value

in the future development planning of liuya, the new company will move into the industrial park according to the urban planning of Liuzhou City "leaving the city for the park", and we will build the factory according to the world-class enterprise standards. More importantly, on the basis of existing products, we will rapidly expand our product line, enrich our product series, and strive to become a system solution provider in the field of compressors. The first strategic goal is to achieve an output value of more than 1billion yuan and become another core strong enterprise of Liugong group

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