The latest multiplex Ethernet E1 Bridge

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The new multiplex Ethernet/e1 bridge

nwee-804 puts forward the time limit and requirements of responsibility; For the Ethernet/e1 bridge in various cities, the functions and performance indicators are basically the same as those of the complete set of equipment e-802. Nwee-804 can combine two or four E1 channels, that is, it has the function of multiplexing. Thus, it provides 8.192mbit/s or 4.096mbit/s full duplex local area expansion, which praises that its product quality has reached the technology and utilization level of European and American top similar products, which is difficult for ordinary routers to achieve. The data rate of full duplex 8.192mbit/s connection is higher than that of general 10M Ethernet (half duplex), which is especially suitable for occasions where E1 channel resources are rich in power systems, and it is hoped that using E1 channel often needs to rely on experience to judge the current fast Ethernet connection

* suitable for wire, ISDN, DDN, E1, Ethernet and other channels, remote digital image monitoring system with different functions

* intelligent pan tilt lens controller and decoder

* lighting controller

* video switching matrix

* video differential transceiver

* g.703/v.35 protocol converter

* SDSL line broadband network connection equipment

* high performance MPEG1 video card (suitable for VCD production)

* remote infrared temperature measurement system

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