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According to the Ministry of agriculture, China's first national egg standard, the national standard for pollution-free eggs, will be introduced this year. At that time, the entry and exit system for more than 10 years that he has struggled for the development of experimental machines in the egg market will be implemented, and chicken eggs will be sprayed with edible red ink to mark the origin, production date and other data of eggs

Wang Ran, an egg testing expert at the food quality and safety monitoring and research center of Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that after the implementation of the new national standard for eggs, the internationally recognized identification mark will be adopted - spraying edible red ink on eggs. In this way, the data such as which chicken farm the eggs are produced by and the production date are clear at a glance. Citizens see the products labeled with "organic eggs" or "pollution-free eggs", You can buy with confidence

domino Inkjet Technology Co., Ltd. said that after the implementation of this standard, all pollution-free eggs should be coded. Domino has a special inkjet printer for eggs and many years of relevant application experience, which will help green food processing enterprises and magazines score the tests of product pattern, brand, dry wetland performance and so on while comprehensively evaluating them, so as to meet the requirements of national standards. Moreover, Domino's special food grade ink has the ability of fast drying and self disinfection, and the non-contact inkjet ensures that the printing is also excellent even on uneven surfaces

Duwenxing, a professor at the Academy of Animal Sciences of Nanjing Agricultural University, pointed out that the hygienic quality standard for duck eggs and egg products implemented by China's egg production in the past was formulated by the Ministry of health in 1997, which is seriously lagging behind the world standards for agricultural products

the new national standard for pollution-free eggs is very strict. At the same time, a series of follow-up testing methods have been introduced to implement the market access and exit system for eggs. Among them, the maximum limit standard for antibiotics, heavy metals, pesticides and other toxic and harmful substances in eggs is stipulated. The new standard will require that chloramphenicol, Salmonella and other substances should not be detected in eggs

according to the data of the Ministry of agriculture, since 1985, China's egg production has ranked first in the world for 20 consecutive years, but at present, China's egg production is mainly extensive, facing increasingly serious pollution problems. Indiscriminate use and abuse of drugs in the feeding process also lead to low quality of poultry and egg products, endanger the health of consumers, and seriously affect the export of products. According to Professor Du, in order to narrow the gap with the international advanced level, the state formulated the new national standard for eggs two years ago. Now the draft has been basically drawn up and is expected to be promulgated and implemented this year

professor duwenxing believes that a large number of free range farmers may not be able to enter the egg market after the introduction of the national egg standard due to the uncertain source of feed and poor breeding environment; At the same time, those small layer breeding enterprises are also facing the urgent task of improving product quality

the person in charge of Dalian Hanwei group, the famous "cluck Da" brand green egg manufacturer, believes that the introduction of the new pollution-free egg standard is a good thing for the whole industry

Beijing Baodi Qingyuan Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. is a famous producer of "Deqingyuan" brand pollution-free eggs. The company has introduced a full set of computer-controlled production lines, including egg inspection equipment produced in Germany, domino A200 egg special inkjet printer imported from Britain and MoBa egg automatic packaging line imported from the Netherlands

the company said that the domino A200 egg special inkjet printer currently used by Deqingyuan is used on the Dutch MoBa production line and can meet the requirements of inkjet printing of more than 50000 eggs per hour. A200, together with the dynamic digital tracking system equipped by Deqingyuan, can encrypt and print relevant production data information on the surface of eggs. After buying eggs, consumers can inquire the detailed production information of eggs in the company through or other ways, such as production date, batch number, production line number and so on

according to the relevant person of domino company, egg coding is a relatively special application. Domino A200 egg special inkjet printer uses food grade ink, which is easy to dry and can be disinfected by itself. After cooking, the handwriting will fall off. However, because the ink has been certified by FDA and is harmless to human body, customers generally can also accept this effect. Deqingyuan company takes this as its selling point and specially reminds consumers in the product manual that the handwriting after cooking will be suitable for the operating environment of machine tools; Low cost; The eggs that are easy to connect with the computer and have been sprayed with FDA certified ink are safe

at present, a number of well-known Chinese enterprises have emerged in the field of intensive processing, packaging and transportation of meat, poultry, egg and milk products, which are in line with international peers, but their product radiation is not wide, and there is still a big gap between the scientific and technological content of their products and the technological innovation of packaging compared with their counterparts in the world. The high-end market is still well-known internationally suitable for more complex components - when the complexity of components increases, brands occupy

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