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2007 latest NC programming and operation final exam paper and answers 6

I. judgment questions: (tick "√" for right and tick "√" for wrong“ ×”, 2’ × 10=20 ')

1. Use straight-line segment or circular arc segment to approach the non circular curve, and the intersection of the approaching segment and the processed curve is called the base point. ( × )

2. For parts with uncomplicated geometry, the economy of automatic programming is good. ( × )

3. When manually returning to the reference point after the machining center is powered on, if an axis is already at the zero position before returning to zero, then the axis may not need to return to zero again. ( ×)

4. In FANUC NC milling machine programming system, G49 is in the state of canceling machine tool radius compensation. ( ×)

5. G00 quick point positioning command controls the tool to interpolate to the target position along a straight line. ( ×)

the results of this study were published in mater Horiz. The principle of constant linear speed control is that the larger the diameter of the workpiece is, the slower the feed speed is. ( × )

7. Coordinate motion of NC machine tool refers to the motion of workpiece relative to stationary tool. ( × )

8. The tool compensation function includes three stages: the establishment of tool compensation, the execution of tool compensation and the cancellation of tool compensation. (√)

9. In contour machining, the cutting speed should be appropriately reduced near the corner to overcome the phenomenon of "over travel" or "under travel". (√)

10. Thread instruction G32 x41.0 w-43.0 f1.5 processes threads at the speed of 1.5mm per minute. ( ×)

II. Multiple choice questions (fill in the serial number of the correct answer in the corresponding brackets, 2 ' × 10=20 'radial stiffness of spring testing machine bearing under working load)

1. The command of program stop and program reset to the starting position is (d)

A)M00; B)M01; C)M02; D) M30

2. Auxiliary function M03 code indicates (d)

a) program stop b) coolant on C) spindle stop d) spindle forward rotation

3. Set G01 X10 Z6 to execute G91 G01 z20, and the actual movement in the positive direction (c)

a) 14mm b) 26mm C) 20mm

4. In order to realize the compensation of the damage to the appearance design quantity of the turning tool tip grinding experiment report in the processing of the NC lathe, a tool offset can be added to the tool tip radius value along the assumed tool tip direction, which is called (b)

a) tool position compensation b) tool radius compensation C) tool length compensation

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