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The latest news of Jimi H2. How about the new H2 projector of Jimi in 2018? On May 16, the latest new product of Jimi 2018 will be released soon. As a recognized model projector in the medical packaging industry, the launch of Jimi's new H2 projector in 2018 will begin on May 15. At present, Jimi will release two heavy new products. At present, it is known that this new H2 projector is Jimi's new H2 projector. The official reservation has begun, and the official opening time is May 16, Check the official booking quotation introduction of tmall

to see your guess about the new product of H2 projector:

1 For DMD with 4K resolution, it doesn't matter whether it's shaken or not. 4K is the trend, 0.65dmd if there is no 4K "Large definition of the base is guaranteed; 2. All glass lens, not a large pur auto parts produced in Germany for urban vehicles are out of focus; 3. Motion compensation and hdr10 support motion compensation are useful, and hdr10 needs high brightness support; 4. Brightness is improved, and lumen is high enough to match the flagship machine; 5. Image quality is enhanced, and resolution is improved. On the contrary, weak packaging constitutes the high cost of the product. 6. Large transportation and storage. 7. Infinite zoom hopes to be retained. 7. Speaker none Anyway, there is a Bluetooth speaker 8 hammer system. I think so much for the time being Check the latest quotation Review

about the brand introduction of Jimi projector:

as the top 100 unicorn in China in 2018, Jimi technology has actually created a new category of "screenless TV" as early as 2014. It should be said that in recent years, with the leading technology and design concept in the industry, Jimi technology has led the rapid development of the industry all the way. No wonder Jimi technology has been favored by all kinds of capital. Its products have become the first choice for the upgrading of modern home entertainment. It is expected that it will continue to win international awards such as CES Best Innovation Award, red dot product design award and if design award

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