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Irez recently launched a multifunctional pc/104 low-power motherboard

acs-4041ve, which is a low-power motherboard based on stpcelite/consumerii-133 chip. It adopts pc/104 structure, integrates 32m/64m/128msdram, vga/lcd graphics controller and 100M Ethernet controller, Doc interface, IDE interface, FDD interface, four serial ports, one parallel port, ps/2 keyboard and mouse interface on the board, and provides watchdog function

because stpcelite/consumerii-133 low-power CPU is adopted, acs-6334ve works within the temperature range of 60 ℃ or even beyond 60 ℃ without fan. The lynxem+sm712 graphic control chip used not only supports 36 bitslc to be installed on the vehicle at will and use DTFT display, but also supports DSTN screen

acs-4041ve has excellent shock resistance and low power consumption due to the small stack structure of pc/104. It can be widely used in POS machines, ATM machines, multimedia control, communication products, intelligent products and many other embedded fields

product features:


onboard 32/64/128msdram

integrated 1 realtekrtl8139d10/100m adaptive Ethernet controller

support CRT display

integrated 4 serial ports

1 to 16 second Programmable Watchdog Timer

Product specification:

structure: Standard pc/104 structure

processor: STPC pcconsumericpu, maximum frequency 133MHz

system memory: 32MB on board, Expandable to 64/128mb

bios:2mawardflashbios, plug and play

watchdog function: 16 level programmable, 1-16 seconds

EMI design: serial port, parallel port, VGA port and ps/2 keyboard/mouse interface anti EMI design

bus expansion: provide 1 pc/104 expansion slot

IDE interface: 1 ide44 interface, which can support 2 IDE devices

solid state electronic disk: support 1 diskonchiptm2000 electronic disk.Disc, Up to 88mb

floppy drive interface: support 1 FDD device

serial port: COM1, 3, 4: RS-232 mode, com2: rs-232/485/422 mode

parallel port: 1 parallel port, support ssp/ecp/epp mode

ps/2 interface: provide ps/2 keyboard/mouse interface

infrared interface: provide 1 IrDA interface

network interface: integrate a representative scientific research achievement, engineering utilization case and existing problems of rea.Ekrtl8139d10/100m adaptive Ethernet controller, RJ-45 interface

with LED indicator

display: internally integrated stpcconsumer II chip, CRT display, maximum support 1280 × 1024@16bpp

size (L × W):146.05mm × 101.60mm

working temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, wide temperature optional

calculation accuracy relative humidity: 5% ~ 90% @25 ℃ (non condensing)

power supply type: single +5v power supply

power consumption (typical value):+ 5V@1.6A

for more information, please contact irez business engineer or call free consultation

and reduce carbon dioxide emissions; 2. Its excellent corrosion resistance and metal fatigue resistance

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