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New nano modified coating

recently, Beijing Nami Technology Development Co., Ltd. launched its newly developed nano modified coating to the market

the "Meijing" nano antibacterial paint launched by Nami adopts the physical antibacterial mechanism, which is long-lasting and non-toxic. At the same time, it has the characteristics of purifying the environment, fresh air, safety and health. It has the dual antibacterial effects of photocatalysis and metal ions. It is a nano modified emulsion paint suitable for indoor decoration, which can meet the indoor decoration of public places with high requirements, such as hospitals, catering industry and schools, and can prevent cross infection, It plays a unique role in improving health

and "meiheng" modified exterior wall paint is a new high-grade exterior wall emulsion paint produced by nanotechnology. It has excellent UV resistance and anti-aging performance. Because a large number of organic pigment pastes are used, the color is bright and the chromatography is complete, which makes the building color more prominent on the premise of ensuring weather resistance. The paint is made with nano "double hydrophobic" mechanism, which has excellent hydrophobic performance and corrosion resistance, reduces the adhesion between dust and dirt and the coating to a great extent, and keeps the wall clean for a long time. Moreover, the paint is non-toxic, tasteless, beautiful, elegant, firm and durable, especially suitable for areas with humid climate and serious air pollution

the company's new product "Nami" brand exterior wall elastic coating selects imported self crosslinking acrylic emulsion, and selects a variety of nano materials, additives, pigments, fillers, and high elastic emulsion paint processed by special processes. It has durability, stain resistance, light and color retention, ultra-high elasticity, waterproof and breathable, and strong adhesion. It is not only safe and environmentally friendly, but also easy to construct. It is especially suitable for walls with serious cracking such as external insulation plastering. The most common construction problem of wall cracks can be solved by using it together with the company's external wall elastic coating. At present,

in addition, Nami has also launched an integrated solution for exterior wall external insulation and its final finish (EIFS), introducing the integrated service idea of the IT industry into the traditional industry of building materials. At present, Nami company can provide construction scheme services from bonding mortar and plastering mortar additives to external finishing coating layer and a complete set of external wall external insulation and final finishing. Solution 6. Electronic tensile testing machines are divided from industries: when it is necessary to replace fuses, there are iron and steel metallurgy, construction materials, non-ferrous metals, high molecular materials industry, plastic rubber, wood-based panels, daily textiles, highway transportation, springs and elastomers, automobiles and motorcycles Wire and cable, paper packaging paper, film composite film, stainless steel plate and belt, and thermal insulation materials solve various problems in construction

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