The latest nano structured paint comes out

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The PUD belt provides an ideal foundation for organic sheets> the advent of new nanostructured paint

it is reported that the water dispersing and environment-friendly nanostructured paint developed by Changchun Saina nano paint Co., Ltd. and Jida, FAW and other joint research and development has recently passed the provincial appraisal in various fields. The paint uses nano polymer lotion as film-forming material and water as solvent. It is non-toxic, harmless and free of any environmental pollution in the process of production and use; And it has the characteristics of lacquer ecovio, including a series of easy-to-use, biodegradable custom compound films, smooth, self-cleaning and antifouling, good protection performance, convenient construction and so on. "Water dispersing environment-friendly nanostructure paint" series products will be widely used in automotive manufacturing and construction, more importantly, decoration and other fields

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