The latest multi-layer co extrusion barrier Bottle

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New multi-layer co extrusion barrier bottle technology

commonly used high barrier packaging materials include aluminum foil, nylon, polyester, polyvinylidene chloride, etc. With the improvement of the protective requirements of food, new high barrier plastic packaging materials are increasingly widely used. The use of high-strength high barrier plastic can not only improve the protection of food, but also reduce the amount of plastic when packaging the same amount of food

recently, EMS company introduced a new structure multi-layer bottle whose barrier layer can directly contact the packaging, and its barrier material is the new high barrier nylon grivory G21 introduced by the company

grivory G21 is an amorphous semi aromatic nylon material developed by ems-graviary company. The nylon material with this structure has excellent barrier properties to many components, such as oil, paraffin, solvent, fragrance, alcohol and various vitamins. This material has passed FDA certification and can be safely contacted with food, drugs, beverages, etc. Therefore, it is widely used in various fields that need high barrier packaging, such as food, beverage, beer, cosmetics and other industries

grivory G21 can be in direct contact with packaging

due to the unique barrier performance of the new product, the plastic bottle blown with this product can be used to replace the 6-layer composite EVOH barrier bottle, and has obvious cost advantages. Its bottle structure is four layers: the outermost layer is polyolefin layer, and the middle is recycling layer and bonding layer respectively. Grivory G21 is usually used as the innermost layer of packaging, which is directly in contact with the packaging. Compared with EVOH, grivory G21 is hygroscopic and 20. Host weight: 1250kg; The influence of temperature on barrier property is better than EVOH. The barrier performance of grivory G21 is better with the increase of humidity. Yield strength tester is also one of the important factors that it can directly contact with content equipment without a complete wire

good UV barrier is another advantage. Grivory G21 has good UV resistance, which can reach 300nm. It can be used to process transparent packaging bottles with 300nm UV resistance. There is also a kind of fluorescence that may often affect the contents during storage, and its wavelength is relatively special. Grivory G21 also has good barrier to this wavelength of light

in addition to being used as barrier material for multi-layer coextrusion bottles, grivory can also do change experiments, fatigue experiments, creep experiments, relaxation experiments, endurance experiments, etc. with the experimental machine, G21 has also been successfully used in various composite barrier films and other fields requiring high barrier packaging

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