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The latest net value of Qianhai open source AI themed hybrid fund increased by 4.16%

October 22 - Qianhai open source AI themed flexible configuration hybrid fund (referred to as Qianhai open source AI themed hybrid, code 001986) increased by 4.16% on October 19, attracting investors' attention. Currently, it is 0.9010 yuan, and the cumulative net value is 0.9010 yuan

since the establishment of Qianhai open source AI theme, the revenue has been -9.90%, this year -31.79%, recent January -7.02%, recent year -34.76%, and recent three years --

the fund has paid dividends for 0 times since its establishment, with a cumulative dividend of 0 billion yuan. At present, the fund is open for subscription

is Qu Yang, who has managed the fund since May 4, 2016, with a return of -9.90% during his tenure

the most regular report shows that this holding (position proportion 9.19%), (position proportion 8. it also brings the core product independently developed by the enterprise - 3-axis linkage injection molding machine 93%), (position proportion 8.31%), (position proportion 8.30%), (position proportion 8.27%), (position proportion 8.19%), (position proportion 7.27%), (position proportion 6.39%, (position proportion 4.96%, (position proportion 3.49%)

strategy and operation analysis during the reporting period

?? In the first half of 2018, great help was given to our pure water facility acceptance, environmental protection compliance and product quality improvement. Affected by domestic and Sino US trade frictions, the decline was large, down 12.9%. The fund maintained a high position, focusing on the allocation of stocks in the fields of intelligent terminals, and software

performance of the fund during the reporting period

?? As of the end of the reporting period, the net value of Qianhai Kaiyuan AI themed hybrid fund units was 1.118 yuan. During the reporting period, the growth rate of the net value of fund units was -15.37%, and the benchmark return on performance in the same period was -7.88%

managers' brief outlook on macroeconomic, securities market and industry trends

?? At present, it is in the transition stage, with macro deleveraging, L-shaped economic growth and gradual improvement of economic structure. Looking forward to the second half of 2018, a shares may fluctuate in the range, with structural opportunities. We will select AI related products and strive to achieve sustained and stable excess returns

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