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MIIT: vigorously develop industrial Internet platforms, speed up the construction of Digital China, innovate fuse practice

Digital China is a new strategy for China's information development in the new era, a new measure to meet the growing needs of people for a better life, and a new driving force to drive and lead high-quality economic development. Accelerating the development of industrial interconnection is an innovative practice of the construction of Digital China, which helps to build a new industrial system with data as the core driving factor, improve the efficiency of resource allocation and total factor productivity, and realize the transformation of the driving force and mode of industrial economic development

first, the digital transformation of manufacturing industry is an important part of the construction of Digital China

the digital transformation of manufacturing industry is an inevitable requirement for the development of digital economy, and it is also an important part of the construction of Digital China

digital economy is extending from consumption to industry. Since the turn of the century, it has been 20 years of rapid development of Internet. Internet technology has expanded rapidly in the field of consumption, and the speed of innovation and development has been continuously improved by market iteration and user trial and error. At present, the pattern has been preliminarily set, and market competition has entered the Red Sea. Different from the consumption field, the integration of information technology and industry, such as Internet, has more application scenarios, higher technical requirements, longer value chain, and huge development space. It is a blue ocean, which is highly concerned by the industry, academia, and investment circles, and is regarded as the second half of the development of Internet

digital technology is deeply integrated with the real economy. On the one hand, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies are constantly applied to the manufacturing field to help the manufacturing industry build a virtual digital air enterprise. Through the implementation of performance management, it can not only greatly reduce the cost of product testing, but also explore the industrial mechanism knowledge model based on data. On the other hand, digital technology has changed the relationship between enterprises. Enterprises are more closely connected with each other, and cross organizational and cross field cooperation is increasing. In the future, enterprises will cooperate in competition and compete in cooperation

industrial data has become an important asset in the digital economy. The volume of industrial data is much higher than that of consumption data, and it is a mineral deposit with great potential. In the process of digital transformation, industrial enterprises produce a large amount of industrial data based on the platform, which can help enterprises optimize R & D design, manufacturing, business operation, asset management, after-sales service and other links. At present, enterprises have recognized the value of data, but they are still exploring how to mine the value of these data faster and better

Second, industrial interconnection is an effective way to promote China's industrial digital transformation

at present, industrial interconnection builds a new industrial production and service system with full elements, full industrial chain and full value chain by realizing the comprehensive interconnection of people, machines and things. It is an important drive to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and achieve high-quality development, and has become an effective way to promote industrial digital transformation

first, industrial interconnection is a cloud based manufacturing digitalization, networking, and intelligent infrastructure, which provides enterprises with a comprehensive interconnection platform across equipment, systems, plants, and regions, so that enterprises can optimize manufacturing activities such as design, production, management, and services at the overall level, and provide basic support for enterprise technological innovation and organizational management reform. At the same time, through the industrial Internet platform, enterprises have obtained the ability to break the physical and organizational boundaries in a larger range, which is convenient to open up the data islands within the enterprise, upstream and downstream of the supply chain, and between the supply chains, realize the effective coordination of resources, form a borderless organization, and realize the expansion of value creation from the traditional value chain to the value network

second, industrial interconnection is a realistic path for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry. Industrial interconnection is the product of the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and modern industrial technology. It is a comprehensive technical system covering general-purpose technologies such as digitalization, networking and intellectualization. The essence of industrial interconnection is to optimize the allocation of resources, improve total factor productivity, and promote the quality, efficiency, and dynamics of economic development by building an accurate, real-time, and efficient data collection interconnection system. On the one hand, industrial interconnection can tap the development potential of traditional manufacturing industry. By introducing new technologies, new management and new models, it can plug the wings of interconnection into the manufacturing industry, inject information genes, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry. On the other hand, industrial interconnection accelerates the development of advanced manufacturing industry, giving birth to new manufacturing modes such as intelligent production, networking collaboration, personalized customization, service-oriented extension, and digital management, and promoting the intelligent process of manufacturing industry

III. The development of industrial interconnection platforms accelerates the pace of innovation in the construction of Digital China

platforms are the core of industrial interconnection. Since the State Council issued the "guiding opinions on deepening interconnection + advanced manufacturing industry and developing industrial interconnection", with the joint efforts of all parties, the development of China's industrial interconnection platform has accelerated, and has entered the rooting stage of practice from the popularization of concepts

first, create a good environment for efficient collaboration. The innovative development project and pilot demonstration projects have been advancing steadily. 15 provinces and cities have officially announced that the development of the local hardness tester Market is a policy to expand in strict accordance with the needs of consumers. The construction of a vibrant industrial ecosystem has been accelerated, forming a good atmosphere for building and using platforms. According to the survey, the average number of industrial equipment connections of 11 platform enterprises in China has reached 590000, the average number of industrial apps has exceeded 1500, the average number of registered users has exceeded 500000, and the average amount of accumulated data on the platform has exceeded 1000tb. In 2018, the average revenue of platform related businesses was about 500million yuan, and the average investment in related research and development was about 460million yuan. On the whole, the development of the platform has made significant progress, and the application level of the platform has been significantly improved

second, form a good situation for the platform to accelerate iteration. Information and communication enterprises, industrial manufacturing enterprises, Internet and software enterprises have accelerated the layout of industrial Internet platforms, and the industry as a whole is in full bloom. On the one hand, the existing platforms are upgraded iteratively and innovative services. The root cloud platform of tree root Internet launched version 3.0, which increased the data access efficiency by 5 times, and the industrial app development efficiency by 40%, significantly improving the post market service capacity of products. Haier cosmoplat platform deconstructs mass customization into seven modules: interaction, R & D, marketing, procurement, production, logistics and service, and innovates user service capabilities through flexible subscription, connection and nesting. On the other hand, innovative brands continue to emerge on new platforms, and a number of industry leading enterprises such as Midea, Lenovo, China Electronics and Zoomlion have launched platform products, and industrial innovation continues to accelerate

third, the common key technologies of the advanced layout platform. Enterprises with strong strength have accelerated the research and development and industrialization of the core technology of the platform, and their cutting-edge and integrated technology research and development capabilities have been continuously enhanced. In terms of chips and operating systems, Inspur has developed Yunhai OS general cloud operating system and low-power real-time operating system in the energy field. In terms of equipment access and protocol conversion, platform enterprises have developed products for edge customs, such as Ceres machine treasure terminal developed by Hualong Xunda, which connects more than 80% of the world's industrial software and control interfaces. In terms of platform open source framework and tools, Huawei proposed the concept of using open source, giving back to open source and being higher than open source, and launched a number of platform open source projects. In terms of the application and verification of 5g and AI new technologies, Ziguang and China Mobile carried out the feasibility verification of the integration and application of 5g industrial network slicing technology

fourth, create a number of system solutions and innovative applications. Focusing on the production characteristics of the industry and the pain points of enterprises, platform enterprises have developed and formed a number of innovative solutions and application cases with highlights. In terms of R & D and design, CSSC's ship sea intelligent cloud platform can optimize the collaborative R & D and manufacturing of the industrial chain, shorten the issuance time of operation guidance documents, improve the timely delivery rate of equipment by 30% and the production efficiency by 15%. In the production and manufacturing process, a number of platform solutions based on the application of new technologies such as digital twins and big data analysis have been formed to help enterprises achieve process improvement, quality improvement and loss reduction. For example, after the implementation of Foxconn ICT fixture intelligent maintenance scheme, the test pass through rate of electronic components has been increased by 10%, the hourly output (UPH) has been increased by 15%, and the probe loss has been saved by 20%. The operation management link realizes the scheduling, configuration and turnover optimization of equipment, personnel, materials and other resources. The UFIDA smart platform reduces the loss of wrong goods for Tianrui cement by more than 20million yuan, effectively solving the problems of difficult collaborative management of enterprise supply chain and delayed response to user orders. Product service therefore, users can use the equipment to realize a variety of functional service links after purchasing it. Equipment manufacturers carry out service-oriented transformation and innovate product service applications such as equipment leasing. For example, intelligent Yunke realizes on-demand payment and instant settlement based on isesol platform, which improves the total processing efficiency by more than 40%

fifth, accelerate the construction and form a number of platform development highlands. Key platform enterprises have formulated platform regional promotion strategies, and accelerated the landing of the platform through the mode of regional platform + demonstration base. The aerospace cloud Indics platform has built 10 industry clouds, 19 regional clouds, and 16 industry large enterprise service zones, and the industry and regional influence has been continuously enhanced; Alibaba supet platform launched Guangdong Feilong and Chongqing Feixiang platforms combined with regional industrial characteristics to improve regional customized service capabilities; XCMG information Hanyun platform has served many prefecture level cities in China and has been deployed in 10 countries along the the Belt and Road; Orient Guoxin serves 31 provinces and cities in China, and its business covers thousands of customers in 35 countries around the world

sixth, explore cross-border cooperation and cultivate platform ecology in various ways. Focusing on enterprise cooperation, talent exchange, innovation competition and other aspects, platform enterprises have actively promoted the construction of platform ecology and formed a number of cross-border cooperation modes. In terms of enterprise cooperation, building a 1+x platform system and building a basic platform template + industry enabling sub platform has become a typical mode of platform industry expansion to achieve multi industry layout. In terms of talent cooperation, platform enterprises promote talent exchange and cooperation through joint training and the construction of expert resource pools. In terms of competition and cooperation, platform enterprises actively build a platform developer ecosystem and drive the innovation and development of the platform through developer competitions, industrial app competitions, etc

IV. continue to promote the construction and promotion of industrial interconnection platforms

China's industrial interconnection platform construction is facing good development opportunities. Combined with the current basic situation of industrial interconnection platform construction and promotion, the next step is to focus on three aspects

first, strengthen policy guarantee and improve the platform development environment. We will deepen the integrated development of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing industry, take the industrial interconnection platform as the breakthrough and focus of the new round of industrial revolution, and strive to eliminate the system and mechanism problems in the development of the platform. Organize and implement the industrial interconnection innovation and development project, and improve the platform test, public services and key standard system. Deepen industrial and financial cooperation in the field of industrial interconnection and further open up the chain of science and technology, industry and finance. Continue to carry out publicity and implementation training activities and create a good environment for the development of the platform

second, carry out platform selection and cultivate benchmarking solutions. Carry out cross industry and cross domain platform selection and integrated application pilot demonstration, create a number of industrial interconnection platform solutions and typical application cases, and cultivate a number of backbone platform enterprises. Encourage local governments to hold industrial interconnection level

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