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Xinjiang fifth bid section of the world's highest level DC transmission line starts to be erected

at the construction site of the new bid section 5 of Changji Guquan ± 1100kV UHV DC transmission line project, which is nearly 70 kilometers away from Hami City, the construction personnel are carrying out the erection of ground wires and conductors, which is also the first bid section of Hami section to be erected with ground wires and conductors. This line is currently the world's highest voltage level, The DC transmission line project with the farthest transmission distance

the transmission line starts from Changji Prefecture in Xinjiang in the West and ends in Guquan County in Anhui in the East, with a total length of 3319 kilometers. There are 598.684 kilometers of 110V AC +/⑴ 0% 50/60hz in Xinjiang. Since the casting of the first foundation of Xinjiang section was carried out on May 26 last year, 60% of the tower erection construction tasks have been completed. At present, the second and fifth bid sections in Xinjiang have the conditions for the erection of ground wires

Xu Chuntao, chief engineer of Xinjiang bid section V of Changji Guquan ± 1100 kV HVDC transmission line project, said that this line is nine kilometers and seven kilometers, which is the first line of 165 kilometers of our whole line. It is planned to make this line clear within a week and put all 165 kilometers through by the end of October. At present, the wire is divided into two parts, the left pole and the right pole. Each pole has eight wires. These eight wires pass through four tension machines. Then pull the wire from the tension factory to the traction factory. Each coil of wire is 2500 meters. A total of 64 coils of wires are used in this line

Changji Guquan ± 1100 kV HVDC transmission line project is divided into five bid sections in Xinjiang, of which the fluctuation range of the third and fifth power supply voltage should not exceed 10% of the rated voltage. The fourth and fifth bid sections pass through Hami, of which the third and fourth bid sections pass through thirteen rooms and loudun Baili wind area in Hami. The fifth bid section we are currently in is located in Hongliuhe station at the junction of Nanhu Township and Xingan, Hami City. The route length is 165 kilometers. The spring fatigue testing machine with high brand awareness includes 303 iron towers

xuchuntao, chief engineer of Xinjiang section V project of Changji Guquan ± 1100 kV HVDC transmission line project, said that at present, it is high temperature in the paying off stage, so it is difficult in terms of natural conditions. In addition, the characteristics of this line are that the project is large, its conductor is also thick, its height is also high, and its span is also large, so all the equipment we use are new equipment, and the force is also large. You are like this tower now, The average tower height is more than 80 meters. The highest is 105 meters, so it is conceivable that it is difficult to set up a line on a tower of more than 100 meters.

it is learned that there is also a need to carry out comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technical transformation. At present, due to the influence of strong winds and other factors, the tower assembly work is still under way in the 13th room in Hami and the 3rd and 4th bid sections in Xinjiang in the Baili wind area of liaodun, and it is expected to start the erection of ground wires in early August

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