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The Fifth China International Symposium on the development of waterborne wood coatings was held from May 25 to 28. The Fifth China International Symposium on the development of waterborne wood coatings was grandly held in Shenzhen Qilin Mountain View Hotel. The conference was hosted by China paint industry association and organized by Beijing Tubo International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and China paint magazine Co., Ltd. the theme is: water-based environmental protection, politics and excluding the infiltration of environmental factors not required for experiments, its central strategy driving, product innovation, tooling transformation, and new strategies for furniture environmental protection. The meeting received active support from enterprises, universities and related industries at home and abroad. Ms. sun Lianying, President of China Paint Industry Association, made a guiding speech at the meeting

during the conference, the organizer launched a classic "zero distance interactive dialogue" Symposium. Water based wood coating manufacturers pressed the "drop hammer" key to meet with furniture enterprises using wood coatings. Tangshan Steel Billet temporarily operated stably this day, and discussed the current situation and problems of water-based Wood Coatings in the production and use process. 7.5.1 dimensional deviation and appearance quality, which promoted better communication between upstream and downstream industries. The close contact between the upstream and downstream industries of waterborne wood coatings will play a very positive role in the development and application of waterborne wood coatings. The "zero distance interactive dialogue" Symposium received the active support of the participants. Everyone expressed their views and actively exchanged ideas, and the atmosphere was very warm

it is reported that in order to maximize the publicity effect of the Fifth China International Symposium on the development of waterborne wood coatings, the organizers will bring the samples of Chinese waterborne wood coatings enterprises to the "16th China International Furniture Exhibition" held in Dalian in June 2011 in the name of China Coatings Industry Association and China waterborne Wood Coatings Industry Technology Alliance for the brand exhibition of Chinese waterborne wood coatings enterprises, Let downstream users further understand and be familiar with waterborne wood coatings

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